Mamasadikov Nurillo Shukrullaevich was born in Kyrgyzstan (citizen of Uzbekistan) in 1984, Uzbek, graduated Tashkent State Medical Academy in 2010. Forensic expert, associate professor.

Labor activity

2002-2010 yy.- Student of Tashkent Medical Academy

2010-2011 yy.- Doctor in the private clinic” Medik ASS"

2011-2014 yy. - Manager in “ FMD” Fergana medical diagnostic, Business Manager

2014-2015 yy. - Director of Medical Diagnostics LLC “MMD” in Margilan

2015-2018 yy. - Deputy director of  Andijan medical diagnostics “AMD” LLC

2018-2020 yy. - Head of Fergana City LLC “IDEAL diagnostic” 

2020-2022 yy. - Head of Fergana "MERIDIAN DIAGNOSTIC HOSPITAL" LLC

2022 – now     - Rector of Central Asian Medical University

Certificates and Awards