President's Visit

  • Feb. 2, 2023

Yesterday, President Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev visited our esteemed "Meridian" clinic and got acquainted with the incomparable facilities and services here.

The clinic, inaugurated in December 2021, provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services. To ensure high-quality care, we have imported cutting-edge equipment from renowned countries such as Germany, South Korea, Japan, and China. With a capacity of 120 inpatient beds, the clinic performs around 2,000 surgical procedures annually.

It is worth mentioning that Central Asian Medical University was established within our medical center last year. Currently, we have 600 students who receive education from distinguished foreign instructors. These students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience at our medical center.

As a result, our institution has evolved into a medical cluster that unites modern clinics, diagnostic centers, laboratories, and a university, creating a holistic healthcare environment.

During the visit, President Mirziyoyev engaged in conversations with the doctors and medical staff at our clinic. He expressed his satisfaction with the success of private healthcare initiatives, emphasizing that our population embraces the advancements in medical services. The President emphasized that all efforts to increase the income of the people are aimed at ensuring their healthy and prosperous lives.

Furthermore, detailed information was provided regarding the clinic's ongoing projects, including the establishment of interventional cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, transplantology, and radiology departments.

We take great pride in the recognition and support received from President Mirziyoyev, and we remain committed to delivering exceptional healthcare services to our community.