The department of Bachelors in Dentistry- is designed to prepare specialists in a higher educational institution for the improvement of professional activities in governmental and private entities, public health care, state and executive branches, and other sectors. Additionally, it includes the main tasks of utilizing alternative methods of diagnosis and treatment in a wide spectrum to deal with the medical problems of patients. Development of Professional dental care and dispensary observation techniques (therapeutic and preventive, medico-social), organizing scientific research centers, and taking part in scientific production organizations are also included in the program.

The purpose of the educational program

Providing students with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in fundamental, preclinical and clinical disciplines of medicine and elective courses, dentist training.

The result

After mastering the five-year training program, graduates will receive a diploma of a dentist. Graduates can continue their Master’s degree in seven different specializations.

The educational program of Bachelor’s degree:

In Year 1-2 students are taught biomedical subjects (Human Anatomy, Medical Chemistry, Medical Biology, Histology, Normal Physiology, Introduction to Medicine, Restorative Dentistry, etc.). In Year 3 students are taught pre-clinical and clinical sciences (Pathological Anatomy, Pathological Physiology, Pharmacology, Clinical Endodontics, Oral Cavity Surgery, Prosthetics with Removable Teeth, Orthopedic Dentistry, etc.). In Year 4-5 students are taught the subjects of specialist studies (Orthodontics, Parodontology, Face-jaw Diseases and Injuries, Face-jaw Surgery). 

After the professional training Bachelor in the field of Dentistry

5A510401- Therapeutic dentistry
5A510401-Orthopedic dentistry
5A510401-Surgical dentistry
5A510401-Face-jaw dentistry
5A510401- Children's surgical dentistry;
5A510401-Can continue Master’s and Clinical Residency in Children’s therapeutic dentistry that is not less than two years.     

It is also possible to carry out scientific research in the established order as an independent researcher.